2010-11-09 08:52


Interpersonal Communication

Associate Professor
René Dailey
John Daily
Associate Professor
Erin Donovan
Professor Emeritus
2010-11-18 15:22
Madeline Maxwell
Associate Professor
Matthew McGlone
Anita Vangelisti

Organizational Communication & Technology

Associate Professor
2011-01-20 12:44
Assistant Professor
Joshua B. Barbour
Professor and Dean
Jay M. Bernhardt
Larry Browning
Associate Professor
Keri Stephens
Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Treem


Senior Lecturer
2010-11-18 15:32
Senior Lecturer
2010-11-18 15:33

Rhetoric & Language

Department Chair, Professor
Barry Brummett
2010-11-19 10:36
Associate Professor
2010-11-19 10:39
Roderick Hart
Associate Professor
2010-11-19 10:43
Jürgen Streeck
Associate Professor
2010-11-19 10:46
Associate Professor
Scott Stroud

About Our Faculty

We are proud of the teaching, research, and professional contributions of our faculty. From our ranks have come

  • three Presidents of NCA,
  • three Presidents of ICA,
  • one President of the Association for Communication Administrators,
  • two ICA fellows,
  • four editors of national journals in communication,
  • four current or former members of the Board of Directors of ICA,
  • one chair of the NCA Publications Board,
  • two past chairs of the NCA Research Board, and
  • two NCA Distinguished Scholars.

Research produced by the department's faculty has resulted in numerous awards. These include:

  • an NCA Golden Anniversary Book Award,
  • five NCA Golden Anniversary Monograph Awards,
  • two Winans/Wichelns Memorial Book Awards,
  • the Karl R. Wallace Memorial Award,
  • the Charles H. Woolbert Research Award,
  • the NCA Dissertation Award,
  • the NCA Diamond Anniversary Book Award,
  • the NCA Ehninger Distinguished Scholar Award,
  • two ICA W. Charles Redding Dissertation Awards,
  • the Daniel Rorher Award in Argumentation Studies, and
  • numerous College of Communication Faculty Research Awards.
  • ICA Outstanding Book Award

Faculty members have received Research Awards from NSF, the Ford Foundation, Fulbright Foundation Senior Fellowship, and the Carnegie Foundation. Currently, faculty have grants from the Spenser Foundation, Dell Computers, IBM, and the Fulbright Commission. In addition, the teaching of the department's faculty continues to receive recognition on an annual basis. Among awards received recently are:

  • three UT Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Teaching,
  • University of Texas AMOCO Teaching Awards,
  • one National Speakers Association Outstanding Professor Award, and
  • 10 College of Communication Teaching Excellence Awards.

At the University of Texas, the highest award for teaching is The University's Academy of Distinguished Teachers: three of our faculty have received this recognition.