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Communication Studies Graduate Community

CommSGC Mission Statement

The purpose of the Communication Studies Graduate Community (CommSGC) is to facilitate the well-being of graduate students in the Communication Studies Department and to foster relationships among the Department’s faculty and graduate students. CommSGC representatives are elected by the graduate student community and are asked to serve a one-year term. CommSGC will meet as a group throughout the school year to address graduate student concerns, plan Department events, pass along communication from faculty and staff, and serve as a voice among the larger graduate student community at the University of Texas. Every member of CommSGC is expected to uphold the duties of his or her position as described on the CommSGC website. If an elected official fails to fulfill his or her responsibilities, CommSGC will vote on having the representative replaced by another graduate student. CommSGC is here to enhance the graduate school experience within the Communication Studies community and should make decisions aligned with the spirit of this undertaking.

2018-2019 CommSGC Officers

Courtney Powers

PhD Rep. & President of CommSGC

My task as president of CommSGC is to serve and support the graduate community and the elected representatives on this committee. I do this by facilitating regular meetings, participating in events, responding to student concerns, and serving as a representative of graduate students to faculty and staff. We have a large and diverse department, and one of the benefits of this position is that I get more of a bird's-eye-view than the average student. I'm honored to hold this seat, and I welcome you to communicate to me how CommSGC might best enhance the graduate community.


Darby Scott

MA Rep. & Vice President of CommSGC

The Vice President's role is to support the communication studies department through sustained engagement with policies and events that affect or support its members. They also assist the PhD representative/President in meeting the needs of the graduate community through communication and coordination of CommSGC events. As MA representative, the VP provides resources and support to Master's students.


Carolyn Montagnolo

Publicity and Social Media Chair

The publicity and social media chair's role is to assist in planning and advertising departmental social events. By creating fliers, managing the CommSGC Facebook page, and sharing the events with the department, the publicity and social media chair gets the word out about events. If you would like to propose an idea, host an event, or find out about upcoming events, please feel free to reach out via email and like the CommSGC Facebook page. 


Kaelah Fox


As Treasurer/Secretary of CommSGC, my responsibilities include overseeing and acquiring funds used by CommSGC for events and fairly distributing scholarship funds for professional development and conference travel each semester to graduate students. If you have any questions about these scholarship funds, feel free to send me an email at the address listed above.


Delaney Harness

Graduate Communication Council Representative



Rachel Lloyd

Graduate Student Assembly Representative

The Graduate Student Assembly Representatives attend bi-weekly meetings of the GSA.  We address the concerns and issues of the Communication Studies Department such as funding and campus policies. We are also responsible for disseminating news from the GSA to the rest of the department. Individuals should feel free to mention their grievances to us to ensure that their voices are heard.


Rudy Pett

Professional Development Chair

The professional development chair is responsible for planning events that facilitate and promote students' professional growth. Throughout the year, they coordinate a variety of events related to developing research skills, writing skills, teaching skills, and networking skills. If you have any ideas about professional events, please feel free to reach out via email.

Kassie Barroquillo

Fundraising Chair

The fundraising chair's role is to plan fundraising events that benefit students in the program. Throughout the year, they coordinate a variety of fundraising activities to raise money for graduate students' research and travel. If you have fundraising ideas, please feel free to reach out via email.