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Natalie Jomini Stroud

Associate Professor
Department of Communication Studies





CMA 7.136B

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Natalie (Talia) Jomini Stroud (Ph.D., Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania) is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Journalism and she directs the Center for Media Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin. The Center for Media Engagement has received over four million in grants and examines commercially-viable and democratically-beneficial ways of improving digital news coverage. She also serves as the Assistant Director of Research at the Strauss Institute. Stroud is interested in how the media affect our political behaviors and attitudes and how our political behaviors and attitudes affect our media use. Her book, Niche News: The Politics of News Choice (Oxford University Press) explores the causes, consequences, and prevalence of partisan selective exposure, the preference for like-minded political information. Niche News received the International Communication Association's Outstanding Book Award. Her research has appeared in Journal of CommunicationPolitical CommunicationHuman Communication Research, Political BehaviorPublic Opinion QuarterlyJournal of Computer-Mediated Communication, and the International Journal of Public Opinion Research. She teaches courses in public opinion, media effects and politics, and quantitative research methods. Stroud twice received the Outstanding Faculty Member Award from the Communication Studies Graduate Community and was invited to the Society for Teaching Excellence at the University of Texas.