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Larry Browning

Professor Emeritus
Department of Communication Studies


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Dr. Larry D. Browning (Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1973). Dr. Browning’s research areas include the study of narratives, complexity, the role of lists and stories in organizations, information-communication technology, cooperation and competition in organizations, and grounded theory as a research strategy. Browning’s recent work emphasizes narrative theory and the study of complex organizations—especially whistleblowing and the examination of the culture of the High North of Norway. Books include, Peer J. Svenkerud, Jan-Oddvar Soernes & Larry D. Browning  (Eds.). (in Press). Whistleblowing, Communication and Consequences: Lessons from The Norwegian National Lottery. London: Routledge; Soelberg, F., Browning, L.D., Sørnes, J.O. (Eds.). (2019). High North Stories in a Time of Transition: Gutsy narratives and wild observations. London: Routledge; Sørnes, J. O., Browning, L.D. & Henricksen. J. T. (2015). Culture, Development and Petroleum: An Ethnography of the High North. (Eds.) London: Routledge. Browning, L. D., & Morris, G. H.  (2012). Stories Of life in the workplace: An open architecture for organizational narratology. New York: Routledge.