Global Ethics & Conflict Resolution Summer Symposium: Registration

Our communication with you will be via email. Please unblock your email so that you can receive messages and attachments from or, and check your email for messages about the program. Please also read our pledge to you, the overall goals for the symposium, and the Youth Protection Program notice.

Step 1 Application and Fees

Submit the application form and pay a $250 deposit.  You may send a check or money order or pay online by credit card. We admit students on a rolling basis. We still have space available.  This deposit is not refundable.  The deposit covers camp preparation fees and the balance, which covers tuition and board, is refundable up to May 20th.

Step 2 Required Documents

Download Form A, Form B, Form C, Form D, and fill them out, and send them back either by email or US mail.  (No student will be allowed to participate without these forms on file.) Additionally, please print Form E, and give to your students' teacher reference to have them fill out.

Step 3 Payment of balance

You will be able to pay the remaining balance owed by check, money order or by credit card online (see the Cost & Financial Aid page).

Step 4 What's next?

On the right of this page find a checklist for everything you need. Pay attention to tips on what to bring.  Please be sure to read over the

. If you must arrive before 4:00 or after 4:30 on Sunday, please let us know. We're looking forward to seeing everyone at this year's symposium! When you have your travel plans, send us Form F about your arrival/departure transportation plans; please note that all the warnings about parking are for actual UT campus parking.  One advantage of staying in a private dormitory just off campus is that we have free parking there (they always say subject to space availability).  We just need to be sure and register you in their parking info when you arrive.

Step 5 Code of Conduct

Please read Form G, the agreements that we need for you to make.  Both students and parents need to sign the form to make sure everyone is aware of our expectations.  Then come and have a terrific time!