Global Ethics & Conflict Resolution Summer Symposium: Activities

Each day of the symposium, we begin at 9:30 AM.
There are three options:
overnight boarding, 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM, and 9:30 AM - 10 PM.

What to bring?

Arrival and Departure Instructions

A Sample Day at the Symposium

8:00 Wake Up/Breakfast

9:30-Conflict Skills Training workshop: In small groups, the students learn how to map out a conflict, anticipate the priorities of an opponent, or respond to a bully.

12:00- Lunch 

1:00-3:00 Meetings with distinguished university faculty. The discussion topics range from “How to Manage a Meeting at School” to “Revamping the United Nations.” After lunch on one day the students meet in the UT Music School with Professor Glenn Richter, who challenges them about the ethical dilemmas in unauthorized downloading of music and movies. Following this discussion, the students meet with Admiral Bobby Inman, Interim Dean of the UT LBJ School of Public Affairs, who engages them with stories about his time spent in the United Nations and the CIA and challenges them with ideas about the Next Step in international institutions. He also discusses how his experiences in these prominent organizations have affected After these challenging lectures and discussions, the students meet artist and videographer Harold McMillan for an orientation and planning of their music video.

3:00-4:30  Students visit the LBJ Library to study Civil Rights conflicts

6:00- Dinner and nightly activities. The students watch Remember the Titans on a big screen in one of the UT viewing rooms after dinner. The movie stimulates a discussion about race, sports and education. Afterwards, everyone goes back to the dorm to play music, learn how to dance, or discuss the day’s events. The students write in their journals before lights out, and they go to sleep excited for another day. 


Symposium participants identified heroes for peace both large and small and put together this magazine on “Peaceful Moments.”  The stories inspired them; maybe some will inspire you, too.  Can you think of a recent event that should be included?