The Undergraduate Program in Communication Studies

What is Communication Studies?

Communication Studies (CMS) is the study of communication in relationships. These relationships can range anywhere from interpersonal to organizational. CMS majors are given the skills and knowledge they need to apply to a great variety of career paths. Each student is encouraged to decide what that career path may be through internships, career exploration, and interaction with faculty.

Students choose one of three tracks within the Communication Studies degree program:

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication examines processes internal and external to various organizations, including businesses, nonprofits, and governmental agencies. Students develop skills and expertise related to new communication technologies and strategic aspects of communication in today’s complex organizations.

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication centers on interaction in a variety of human relationships and contexts, including families, healthcare settings, and intercultural interactions. Students develop skills and expertise related to verbal and nonverbal communication focused on the development of healthy relationships.

Political Communication

Political Communication focuses on communication in political environments and other public settings. Students develop skills and expertise related to speechwriting, campaign management, influence, and argumentation applicable to a range of political and public contexts.

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Communication Studies Minor

The minor in Communication Studies will afford undergraduate students across Moody College (except CLD) and the University the opportunity to increase their skills and understanding of communication, particularly in the areas of organizational, interpersonal, and rhetorical/political communication. Students will gain practical presentation and relational skills and will also have an opportunity to explore various aspects of communication relevant to contemporary society (including, but not limited to intercultural communication, ethics, health communication, social media, environmental communication, sales relationships, conflict, and more).

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Prospective Students

Freshman and external transfer student admission decisions are made solely by the Office of Admissions. Please visit Be a Longhorn for more information about the University and its admissions procedures.

Current UT students who wish to transfer into or add a second major in Communication Studies must fill out the College of Communication Internal Transfer Application.

Potential Careers

  • Corporate work
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Teaching
  • Counseling
  • Any position involving interaction with people

The Department also oversees the University of Texas debate and individual events programs.