Global Ethics & Conflict Resolution Summer Symposium: Cost and Financial Aid

To provide the highest quality content for the symposium, there is some cost in attending.

Cost of Attendance


To register for the symposium, a non-refundable $275 deposit is required. This deposit counts towards the overall program cost. The deposit is used to pay reservations, guarantees, and early salaries.

Pay here to use your credit card, or you may send a check or money order. If you have any problems, we can arrange to take your information by phone.


The table below outlines the tuition costs based on the participant's desired option. Except for the non-refundable $275 deposit, tuition is refundable until June 1st. On June 1st, the tuition increases by $100 due to the higher cost of accommodating additional students once plans are solidified.

  Option Tuition Balance due*
Both weeks Stay overnight and eat all meals $1,500 $1,250
Stay for dinner but go home at 10 PM $1,270 $1020
Only 1 week Go home around 6:00 PM $1,190 $940
Stay overnight and eat all meals $1,135 $885
Stay for dinner but go home at 10 PM $1035 $785
Go home around 6:00 PM $985 $735

*Balance due is the tuition minus the initial $275 deposit
Full tuition includes residence in a private dormitory. Students must bring their own linens or may rent linens packs for $20.

All students receive lunch and snacks and all learning materials, entrance fees, and other symposium expenses. Boarding students also receive breakfast and dinner. Commuters may buy breakfast or dinner for an additional fee. Participants should also bring a $50 refundable cash deposit when they arrive the first day (do not mail).

Pay here to use your credit card, or you may send a check or money order. If you have any problems, we can arrange to take your information by phone.

One-off Meals

Occasionally, commuter students want to stay for dinner or come early and eat breakfast. That's fine; in that case, individual breakfasts and/or dinners are available to commuter students for a fee of $10 per meal. These meals do not need to be pre-approved. The student can just bring the cash the day of the meal and join us. We are happy to have them.

One-off evening event

Sometimes commuters want to stay for one evening event. This is something that the student might decide on during the week and does not need to be pre-arranged. The cost for the single evening (until 10:00 PM and including dinner) is $15.


UT-Component employees and current UT-Austin students are eligible for a $100 discount on the balance. Two children from one family or pals who register together also share a $100 discount on the combined balances. Everybody pays the deposit;  then contact us at for a discount code to use when paying the balance.

Financial Aid

We have a limited amount of financial assistance available on the basis of need. If you would like to come, we should be able to make it happen!  Here's what we need:

The Reservation Form

$275.00 reservation fee (returned if you do not accept any scholarship)

Parents’ IRS top statement

Parent’s letter explaining the circumstances and the amount you are requesting (important)

Student’s letter explaining why you want to come to the program (not about the cost, just about the interest)

The teacher’s reference.  This is asked of all children and is not asking about the child’s scholarship potential but about his or her compatibility and interest.


Additional Information

There's nothing else that students would need to have money for. Tuition and fees cover all academic materials and equipment for the program, professional supervision 24 hours a day, instruction by an outstanding faculty, mentor-to-student ratio of 1 to 6, any necessary transportation within the program, all required entrance fees, and a symposium T-shirt. Students may want to have money for sodas, pizza, UT apparel, souvenirs, etc., but they can get along fine without any pocket money. Check the “To Bring” list on the Registration page to make sure you have everything you need.

Lunch and snacks are included for all students. We leave the dormitory at 9:30 to start the day and get back between 5:30 and 6:00 PM. If you need to make earlier arrival arrangements, just let us know.

Parking is available on site at no charge, subject to space availability. Students may not use their vehicles during the symposium.

Students will have use of the limited dormitory computers and of some university computers. They are welcome to bring their own laptops, etc. Wireless access in the dormitory is available for a fee paid directly to Hardin House. Cell phones are welcome.