Gaddis, Benjamin

Seeking M.A., Rhetoric & Language Studies


Hometown: St. Charles, Il

BA Degree: BS in Political Science. BS in Communications-Public Relations

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Current research interests:

Benjamin does research in two spheres. In the study of political communication Benjamin looks specifically at voter experience and religion parallels to the act. Additionally, much of his work has been in International Conflict and the rhetoric surrounding it. Benjamin also studies humor and its uses within society, specifically offensive humor and the humor of the oppressed.

Projected graduation: May 2015
First Semester Mentor: Dr. Scott Stroud

Outside hobbies & interests: Benjamin is currently an assistant coach with the UT Speech Team. When he’s not traveling the country he enjoys glasses of wine and Netflix.

What you think makes UT or Austin unique, cool, or "weird": There’s always something to do. Bored? Go to a curling match, or head out to wine country and make friends with a llama.