UTNIF - Summer Camps for Speech

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(June 24 - July 8, 2020)

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Full Tuition, Room, and Board: $1750; Second Event (Minor) add-on: $250

For the base tuition price, students will focus on one event. The faculty is experienced in all speech events, and as such, students may choose to study any of the following:

Major Events:

  • Dramatic or Humorous Interp
  • Extemporaneous Speaking 1
  • Original Oratory and Informative Speaking
  • Dramatic Duo (both students must attend)
  • Prose, POI, or Poetry Interp
  • Student Congress
  • Other (please let us know if you wish to study an event not listed)

Additional events based on regional requirements may be added to suit an individual student's needs. Daily, students will engage in lectures on their specific areas, roundtable discussion sessions on topics, selections, question analysis, news and information, and individual appointments with faculty members as well as lab assistants.

Minor Events:

For a minimal additional charge, students may choose two events in the major-minor program. Each student enrolling in the major-minor program must decide which two events s/he wishes to study, understanding that the event chosen for major study will be competition-ready when leaving the institute, and the event chosen for minor study will be researched, cut, analyzed and compiled, but perhaps not quite ready for competition. Available minor program events include:

  • Extemporaneous Speaking 2 (for extempers who wish to focus on both Domestic and International Extemp and for Interp/Congress/Oratory students who wish to study extemp as a second event)
  • Oratory (curriculum & research only—due to time constraints, students will not write speeches in the minor program)
  • Dramatic or Humorous Interp
  • Prose or Poetry Interp
  • Dramatic Duo (both students must attend and enroll in the major/minor program)
  • Impromptu Speaking
  • Student Congress (should not be taken by students in the Student Congress major)

NOTE: The major-minor program is designed to be an intensive educational experience, and will require a serious commitment from students. POI is not available as a minor event.

(June 24 - July 12, 2020)

Full Tuition, Room, and Board: $2250 ($2500 for students with two events)

What exactly is the Tutorial Extension? 3 intensive days with nothing but individualized work sessions with senior staff from across the UTNIF Individual Events Staff! This program is for students who are serious about getting as much instruction as they possibly can out of the UTNIF, with opportunities to work in one-on-one settings with staff from across the spectrum specializing in event areas along with surprise guests not available during the main session.

Named in honor of UTNIF co-founders Lanny (in loving memory) and B.J. Naeglin, the Tutorial Extension has become one of the most popular add-ons of the UT Summer Institute. This special tutorial session provides focused, one-to-one attention for those students seeking the ultimate in preparedness for the upcoming forensics season. The Naeglin Extension is only available to students who have completed the Individual Events Main Session, and was founded at the request of UTNIF students who wanted to continue their training with intensive one-on-one work sessions with UTNIF faculty. The Tutorial is usually a complete sell-out, so make your plans early!

The extension is absolutely limited to participants of the UTNIF Main Session. This session is not available for registration as a stand-alone. Typical days, for students, include 5-7 individual sessions from between 30-60 minutes each plus limited group/lab work and specialized social activities.