UTNIF-IE Summer Camps: Registration

I'm In - Now What?


Once the preliminary application form and non-refundable deposit have been received, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from our staff with more details and directions, as well as links to the remaining forms that must be sent to us. Please note that while the deposit is not refundable, the amount WILL be applied to your total tuition and fees! Please follow the directions and timelines closely, and note that all correspondence will take place electronically. It is crucial that you check your spam filters to insure that you are receiving e-mail from us!

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(Note: only the parent/legal guardian may initiate the registration-- students may not register themselves)


  1. Preliminary Application and Fee (Non-refundable first payment credited to full program cost; do this first!!)
  2. Parents/guardians must agree to terms and conditions for application to become active (as part of the preliminary application). Please note that enrolled students cannot legally agree to the terms and conditions and as a result may not self-enroll. 
  3. Additional forms will be sent electronically after the preliminary application has been received and processed
  4. STUDENTS: Go ahead and create your UT EID if you have not previously made one EID CREATION LINK


Check Payment

Checks should be made out to UTNIF and may be mailed to:

Dept. of Communication Studies
2504A Whitis Ave. (A1105)
University of Texas
Austin, TX 78712

Received checks will be credited directly to the student's account on the registration site. Please remember all relevant fees. No application will be considered without payment of the non-refundable pre-application fee, which will be applied to the final tuition amounts. Placements are made on a first-come first-served basis until we reach capacity. After June 1, please call to check availability as dorm spaces may be filled.


Other expenses (For residential students; not applicable to 2021 programs)

A $50 refundable cash room key/room fines deposit (no checks) will be due at registration. Deposits will be returned once any and all library charges and room charges are cleared, generally in two to three weeks after the conclusion of the UTNIF camps, but we can not guarantee a return until we have been able to process all bills from library and the dormitories.

Students will of course want to have money for sodas, pizza, magazines, handbooks, UT apparel, possibly an institute T-shirt, and supplies such as pens, paper, tape, file folders, expandos, interp binders, and boxes for filing, etc. We encourage students to bring computers, laptops, printers, etc. Students will be responsible for any copying of articles, scripts, and books necessary to complete their assignments (approx. and $30-$45 per oratory and interp student, and $50-$80 per debate and extemp student depending on how diligent they are in their work habits) and any and all library fines incurred.

Financial Aid

The University of Texas National Institute in Forensics is committed to making speech and debate camp accessible for all students.

If you are interested in attending the 2021 UTNIF and need financial assistance to make it feasible, we encourage you to register ASAP and apply for financial aid by May 1st, 2021.

Any student that applies for financial aid is eligible for a full refund of their $250 application fee if they cannot attend the UTNIF. We cannot waive the application fee prior to registration. 

Please note that we will award financial aid on the basis of need, and the UTNIF does not offer merit based scholarships or discounts.

We will accept financial aid applications between March 1, 2021 to May 1, 2021. Additional information is forthcoming regarding how to apply. In the interim, please prepare the following materials:

1) Proof of Financial Need - A) Copy of parent(s)/guardian(s) most recent tax return (W2 filing) B) Any additional documentation to prove financial need.

2) Letter of Personal Interest - Prospective students seeking financial aid should provide a 1-2 page letter explaining why they want to attend the UTNIF and/or the importance of speech and debate in their lives.

3) Statement of Financial Need - A 1-2 page letter from the parent or legal guardian explaining their financial circumstances.

4) Letter of Recommendation - A 1-2 page letter of recommendation from a debate coach, teacher, sponsor or mentor who can attest to a prospective student’s passion for speech and debate.

We have a limited amount of financial assistance available on the basis of need. Awards of financial aid typically will reduce the base tuition of the camp costs, and vary depending upon the number of applicants and available funds. The UTNIF is a non-profit enterprise, and any awards of financial aid will cover only a portion of tuition expenses.

Please send all financial aid forms to:
Dept. of Communication Studies
2504 Whitis Avenue (A1105)
Austin, Texas 78712-1089