Things to Consider Before you Apply to our Graduate Program

Before You Apply, You Should Consider...

The degree you are seeking— Masters or Doctoral? You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution before beginning our MA program. You must have a master's degree or expect to graduate with a master’s degree before beginning our doctoral program.

What area of study interests you? Interpersonal Communication, Organizational Communication and Technology, or Rhetoric, Language and Political Communication? Picking an area in the online application directs your application to only faculty members from that area. They are the only faculty members who will review that student's application. For that reason, be very careful about area choices.

What do you expect to get out of our program? We encourage only those with strong professional motivation and goals to enroll at the Ph.D. level. Doctoral students can expect opportunities to work closely with faculty on research ventures and to participate in the publication of their findings. Ph.D. students are also expected to achieve mastery in research design and methods. We do not have separate classes for MA students. They take the same courses that our doctoral students take. For that reason, prospective MA students should consider whether they are searching for an MA program that focuses on theory and research.

Are you interested in funding? Decisions regarding financial assistance are separate from our admissions decisions, but are awarded based upon the application materials. No additional financial assistance application materials are required.  We also recommend that students complete the FAFSA after admission to apply for additional funds from Financial Aid. For more information on funding in the form of teaching (Teaching Assistants or Assistant Instructors), please visit our Financial Assistance page.

We accept applications between September 1 and December 1 (deadline) for entry the following fall semester.
There is no admission for Spring semester.
Questions?  Please contact our Graduate Program Coordinator at