Evaluation of Student Progress

Annual Evaluation of Student Progress by Graduate Student Committee (GSC)


Students must maintain, within the overall grade-point average, a 3.0 average for all upper-division and graduate courses in their major area and minor fields of study.

Procedure for Evaluation:

The faculty of each program annually review the progress of each student in the program. The review usually takes place during the Spring semester. Students are informed of their progress by the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee. A copy of the letter is also placed in the student's file in the Graduate Coordinator's Office.

Types of Recommendations:

The types of recommendations made from the evaluation are:

  • that the student be continued in her/his program.
  • that s/he be put on probationary status. The procedure for being removed from probation is set forth in the evaluation letter.
  • that her/his program is to be terminated. The student may appeal this decision by writing a letter to the student's advisor and to the graduate advisor with details of how the student will correct the reasons for termination.

Questions? Contact the CMS Graduate Coordinator.