Admission Supplemental Materials Guide

Every part of the application must be submitted electronically.  Applicants will have access to the University's MyStatus page AFTER they complete, submit and pay the admission application fee required by ApplyTexas.  The UT-Austin MyStatus page is where applicants will be allowed to upload PDF versions of the Statement of Purpose, Research Questions, Resume, and the Academic Writing Sample. 

PDF copy of official transcripts from all four-year institutions

This is required and must be uploaded with your departmental documents. These documents should be a pdf of your official transcript. You may request an official transcript from your Registrar's Office, scan it, and upload it with the departmental documents. If you are admitted, then you will need to submit this transcript or a more current one to the Graduate and International Admissions Center.

Statement of Purpose

This should provide information about your graduate studies goals and how these goals relate to your future career (more specific guidance is provided below). It should describe these goals in the context of your academic, professional, and/or personal past and could discuss those events, classes, and experiences that have prepared you for graduate study in Communication Studies. Ideally it should be 1 to 2 pages, but no longer than 3 pages, double-spaced. This document can be submitted in the online application or on the Application Status Page.

Please address the following areas in your statement of purpose (which should not exceed 3 pages).

o   What are your career goals, and how would a masters or Ph.D. in Communication from UT Austin help you in achieving those goals?

o   What are your research interests, and which faculty could you see yourself working with?

o   Describe your research, work, or volunteer experiences regarding your topic(s) of interest.

o   What demonstrates your motivation and ability to succeed in a graduate program?

o   Please address any information that you believe your application would be incomplete without and that sheds more light on your unique potential to succeed in Communication Studies and contribute to the University community and the field or profession.

A Brief Essay of Research Questions (aka Statement of Research Objectives)

Describe at least two questions you might like to research during your graduate study (maximum of 350 words). We want to know if you can ask a research question based on Communication theory and current knowledge. We also want to be sure that we have faculty who can help you do the kind of research that you want to do. These questions are not binding; you do not have to research these questions should you be accepted. You must submit it online on the Application Status Page.

CV or resume

We prefer a CV, but a resume is acceptable. You must submit it online on the Application Status Page.

Academic writing sample

The best writing sample that M.A. applicants could submit would be a copy of an undergraduate research paper prepared for a course. Ph.D. applicants should submit a copy of a graduate research paper, a significant chapter, or if short, a complete copy of their M.A. thesis would be a good choice. You must submit it online and there is no word count limit.

Three Letters of Recommendation

If possible, these letters should come from academics. If you've had teaching experience, please ask that this be mentioned by at least one letter writer including his/her evaluation of your teaching. If English is your second language, ask that your letter writers mention your English proficiency. Please note that these letters are confidential and will not be released to the applicant. You will submit your letter writers' email addresses online via the ApplyTexas application. Note that your letter writers will not be contacted to upload their letters for you until you have pushed the submit button on the application. Keep in mind our deadline and winter holidays when you submit your application and be sure your letter writers can submit a letter promptly.

Ask a Question

Email the CMS Graduate Coordinator with your question.