Fall 2023 Course Projections

Interpersonal Communication

INP: Persuasion/Advocacy/Social Influence (Daly)
INP: Nonverbal Communication (Dailey)
INP: Managing Health Information (Donovan)
INP: Interpersonal Comm Theory (Palomares)

Organizational Communication and Technology

OCT: Comm, Power, and Inequality (Ganesh)
OCT: Work and Technology (Scott) 
OCT: Grant Writing in Comm (Stephens)

Rhetoric, Language, and Political Communication

RLP: Rhetoric and Democracy (Butterworth) 
RLP: Basic Rhetorical Criticism (Gunn)


CMS 081         Intro to Communication Studies (Dailey) 
CMS 398T       Supervised Teaching in Comm Studies (Hartelius) 
CMS 386N      Quantitative Methods (T. Stroud)