Fall 2021 Projections

These listings are tentative and subject to change

Interpersonal Communication

CMS 386P.6      Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication, Dr. Rene Dailey

CMS 386P.10   Stress and Coping, Dr. Erin Donovan


Organizational Comm and Technology

CMS 390S.8    Communicating Knowledge, Dr. Jeff Treem

CMS 390S.10  Survey of Organizational Communication, Dr. Shiv Ganesh

CMS 390S.12  Engaged Communication Scholarship, Dr. Josh Barbour


Rhetoric and Language Studies

CMS 390R.1    Basic Rhetorical Criticism, Dr. Mike Butterworth

CMS 390R.11  Gender and Communication, Dr. Johanna Hartelius



CMS 081     Intro to Communication Studies, Dr. Sharon Jarvis

CMS 386N   Quantitative Research Methods, Dr. Talia Stroud

CMS 398T    Supervised Teaching in Comm Studies, Dr. Dina Inman-Ramgolam