Undergraduate Program

Communication Studies (CMS) is the study of communication in relationships. These relationships can range anywhere from interpersonal to organizational. CMS majors are given the skills and knowledge they need to apply to a great variety of career paths.



CMS 370K Internship in Communication Studies for Fall, Spring, or Summer



Students must apply to get their internship site and work plan cleared.  In addition, you will need to meet the following prerequisites to register for this class:

·     A major in Communication Studies
·     A 2.25 overall UT GPA
·     A 2.25 GPA in communication coursework
·     Completed 12 semester hours of communication studies coursework with a grade of C or better
·     60 or more completed hours of coursework


Finding an Internship

Students are required to find their own internships and are encouraged to utilize resources such as the Moody College of Communication Career Services Center or the Vick Center for Strategic Advising and Career Counseling.  As you search, keep in mind that internships MUST meet the following criteria:

Hands-on experience required. No more than 25% of internship time should be spent doing clerical work.

Students must intern 100-149 hours per semester (approx. 10 hrs/week).

Intern supervisors MUST be willing to meet with and work with interns on a regular basis.

Intern supervisors MUST complete a contract with the intern at the beginning of the semester and an evaluation of the intern’s performance at the middle of the term as well as a final performance evaluation at the end of the semester.


How the Course Works

Fall and Spring Course:
In addition to completing internship duties throughout the semester, interns are also required to attend a class for CMS 370K.  Attendance at these class meetings is MANDATORY. You must attend the first class meeting to get all of the details on the course (including future meeting dates).

Summer Course:
The summer internship course is web-based and will NOT require attendance in a class. However, discussions and assignments will be required throughout the summer via Canvas. The summer instructor will alert students regarding procedures when they enroll.

CMS 370K is offered on a pass/fail basis only. It WILL count toward a degree in Communication Studies. This pass/fail course will not count against the total pass/fail courses (5) that students are allowed overall.


How Do I Register for the Course?

There is a three step process to obtain approval for internship course credit:

1.  Complete the prerequisite check (click on link below labeled "Spring 2016 Internship Application").  The online system will automatically alert students to let them know whether or not they meet the prerequisites for the course and are allowed to register.  If you meet the prerequisites, you will be cleared to register for CMS 370K (please allow two business days for this access to be granted) and you will be directed to an online internship application.  *You may register for the course prior to obtaining an internship.  

2.  Register for the internship course (CMS370K) once you have been granted access to it.  Please note that THE CMS DEPARTMENT DOES NOT ADD STUDENTS TO THE INTERNSHIP COURSE.

3.  Submit your internship application (information regarding the internship company, the internship supervisor, a description of the internship experience, and your anticipated internship work schedule, etc.) by the fourth class day during fall or spring semesters, or the second class day during the summer semester at noon (CST).  Students wishing to register for CMS171M (once they have successfully completed CMS370K) should meet with their assigned academic advisor to gain access to the course.  If you do not currently have an internship, then you should return to this application once you obtain an internship and submit the online internship application by the stated deadlines.  

If you are denied access to the online internship application because you do not meet one or more prerequisites, you are welcome to reapply when you do meet them.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be enrolled in CMS 370K at the same time you are completing the internship in order to receive credit. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Spring 2016 Internship Application



CMS 364M/264M/164M IE Pre-Graduate School Internship

Are you thinking about whether graduate school is in your future? Are you uncertain about what it would be like to be a graduate student and what academic program may best be suited to your interests and career goals?

If your answer to these questions is yes, you may wish to consider undertaking the Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) "Pre-Graduate School Internship." This internship is open to students in all UT colleges/schools and departments. You may earn one, two, or three hours of academic credit (CMS 164M/264M/364M) by enrolling in the course.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR CMS STUDENTS: CMS 164M/264M364M WILL count toward your CMS degree under "additional CMS hours," but it will not replace required courses. CMS students must take the course for a GRADE (no pass/fail) in order for it to count. Please make sure and let Dr. Cherwitz, your faculty mentor, and your graduate student buddy know that you must earn a grade for the course up front. If you have additional questions as to how this course counts toward your degree, please see your academic advisor.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR NON-MAJORS: The maximum number of CMS hours that a non-major may take is 9 hours. This total includes all courses completed (in-residence or by transfer), those currently in progress, and those for which a student may be registered. If a student plans on completing CMS 164M/264M364M, it is highly recommended that the student complete it prior to reaching her or his CMS limit.

Students who have officially declared a CMS minor are allowed to complete additional CMS coursework; however, students are allowed to take ONLY the amount of hours required for that minor.  If you are a CMS minor and wish to complete this course, it is recommended that you complete the course within your minor requirements.


You may read more about this program here (including FAQ's, examples of internship activities and an easy to complete internship contract).

To participate and earn academic credit (CMS 164M, 264M or 364M), you must currently be a UT-Austin undergraduate and plan on undertaking the internship prior to graduation. Participation is contingent upon finding a mentor in your proposed field of graduate study who is willing to supervise the internship. This internship is an opportunity for bright UT undergraduates to work with faculty and veteran graduate students to learn about those unique aspects of graduate study that make it distinct from the undergraduate experience (e.g., conducting research, writing for scholarly audiences, participating in seminars, serving as teaching and research assistants, publishing articles in professional journals, becoming members of scholarly organizations and learned societies, preparing for an academic or professional career, etc.). The objective of the IE Pre-Graduate School Internship is to connect undergraduates with UT faculty mentors and seasoned graduate students ("buddies") in their area of study. Internships are arranged by Dr. Richard Cherwitz, Professor of Communication Studies and Founder of the IE Program, and are based on the ability of the student to gain the consent of a faculty member and/or graduate student willing to supervise the internship. Internship projects, assignments and tasks are determined through negotiation between students and faculty members; internship contracts ensure that there is both structure to and accountability for the experience. Professor Cherwitz, who served as an Associate Dean of the Graduate School for seven years, will hold workshops and meetings, allowing all interns to share their experiences and to learn about graduate study, obtaining admissions, funding, and creating career possibilities.

If after examining these materials you have questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Rick Cherwitz at spaj737@uts.cc.utexas.edu.