Undergraduate Program

Communication Studies (CMS) is the study of communication in relationships. These relationships can range anywhere from interpersonal to organizational. CMS majors are given the skills and knowledge they need to apply to a great variety of career paths.


Undergraduate Courses

Important Notes About CMS Courses

  • Students enrolled in a CMS course must attend the first class meeting or risk being DROPPED from the course.
  • A CMS student may not register for more than 9 hours of CMS courses during one semester. Non-CMS majors may not register for more than 9 hours of CMS OVERALL (including transfer work).
  • All students must have a UT GPA of 2.25 to take upper-division courses in the College of Communication.
  • Students must have upper division standing (60 hours or more) to enroll in upper division courses.
  • You also may visit the Official Course Schedule for the most up-to-date information on Communication Studies courses.