Honors Programs

Communication Studies Department Honors Program

High-achieving Communication Studies majors have an opportunity to work closely with a CMS faculty member on an undergraduate thesis project during their final two semesters at UT-Austin. Applications are not considered prior to a student’s final year. Approved students will enroll in CMS 359H and CMS 379H during their last two semesters.


  • 90 hours completed
  • 60 hours of completed coursework in residence at UT-Austin
  • A University GPA of 3.00 or better
  • A Communication Studies GPA of 3.50 or better

Getting Started

Student should talk to their CMS academic advisor to verify whether they are eligible to apply to the Honors Program. If a student is found to be eligible, they must then:

  • Find a CMS faculty member (full professors only, no assistant instructors may oversee an honors thesis) to oversee the project for two semesters.
  • Complete the Honors Program application (available from a CMS academic advisor).
  • Turn in the completed application to their academic advisor for final approvals.

If a project is approved, students must:

  • Get clearance to enroll in CMS 359H and 379H from their advisor each semester
  • Earn a B or better in each of the courses
  • Submit all completed work to their academic advisor at the end of each semester

The Senior Fellows Program

The college-wide undergraduate honors program provides a broad, interdisciplinary supplement to the departmental majors. The program is designed for students with the talent and interest to go beyond the usual undergraduate experience.

Students are encouraged to speak to their assigned academic advisor to discuss how the Senior Fellows courses count toward their Communication Studies degree.