Upon acceptance into the CMS major (either as a freshman or as a transfer student), students are assigned an academic advisor who specializes in the Communication Studies degree plan and is available to answer any questions and concerns regarding degree progression. While students are not required to see an advisor prior to every registration period, students are highly encouraged to make contact at least once a semester to keep current on their degree-planning.

Contacting Your Advisor

Students can make an appointment to see their advisor one of three ways:

  • Online via STAR (STudent Advising Resource)
  • By phone at 512-471-1553
  • In person in DMC 2.600

Log on to STAR

Reasons you should see your Undergraduate Advisor

  • You need degree planning for the next semester’s registration.
  • You have questions regarding Communication Studies-specific issues such as CMS classes offered or CMS class combinations
  • You want permission to concurrently enroll for the semester.
  • If you are graduating this semester and want to verify that your schedule fulfills your final graduation requirements, you can do this yourself by running a degree audit via the Interactive Degree Audit (IDA). Make sure the audit is counting your current schedule. If you do this and you're still doubtful or if something you see causes you to panic, visit with your advisor
  • You can apply for graduation online or in person with your advisor.

Getting Advised when you're not a Communication major - yet

Non-communication majors seeking one-on-one advising before their acceptance into the college must FIRST attend an Internal Transfer Information session. There are no exceptions to this.