UT Project on Conflict Resolution: In the World

Society is changing rapidly and conflict is inevitable. It occurs between family members, businesses and nations. In these times of international tension, social upheaval, drifting families and unstable personal relationships, the ability to resolve conflict in a cooperative and mutually satisfying way is more important than ever. It starts with the individual. Historic figures like Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King led vast movements but their causes were founded on an unflinching personal commitment to resolution through effective, peaceful strategies. The UTPCR adheres to the concept of personal responsibility as the foundation for global change.

The UTPCR programs place a special emphasis on contemporary culture and its many aspects of everyday living - the arts, business, race, healthcare, education, journalism, religion, sports, music, family and personal relationships. We invite you to be part of the conversation and help transform today's conflict into tomorrow's calm.

Our events are open to the public and free of charge. Watch our Events page for upcoming events.

Bridging Divides Awards

The UTPCR recognizes the power of spontaneous events and charismatic figures to effect change and brings recognition to inspiring people - singers, athletes, and ordinary people - who have captured the public's imagination and created great change.:

Recipients of this award include:

  • Willie Nelson
  • Clifford Antone
  • Cyril Neville
  • Harold McMillan

Instruments of Freedom - 
Roundtable Discussions and Public Lectures

The UTPCR hosts these interactive events featuring public individuals choosing to make a change in the world; most notably, sports and entertainment forums where high profile figures talk about their influences and activism.

Some of the Discussions and Lectures we have hosted include:

  • Popular Musicians and Social Change
  • Violence & Tragedy in Post-Conflict Situations
  • Football for Peace
  • 9/11 - Ten Years After

Summer Symposium

Teaching high school students about conflict resolution and tools for more effective cooperation.

For more information go to the Summer Symposium.