UT Project on Conflict Resolution: Campus Services

How do I schedule a Conflict Mediation?

The UTPCR's Campus Services are focused on successfully resolving differences between parties and building more effective avenues for future communication. We offer services to the public to facilitate communication and positive interaction between individuals, in businesses, organizations, families and the community.

Campus Services are free and available to all students attending any higher education campus in Austin. You do not need to be a current student to take advantage of our services.

Our campus services offerings include:


Mediation is a confidential, structured process intended to promote reconciliation, settlement or understanding among individuals or groups. Trained university student mediators act as a neutral third party to facilitate communication between disputants. Mediators do not determine the course of action, they provide an unbiased listening framework and open channels of communication so the participants can use creative problem solving to reach an agreement. By cultivating better mutual understanding, we can assist in resolving current issues and help parties avoid points of impasse that could lead to future disputes.

For Individuals: Personal relationships, including disputes between roommates, co-workers, friends, family members, romantic partners, renter/landlord and others.

For Groups: Organization teams, academic teams, sorority or fraternity groups.

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A consultation is essentially a coaching session focused around your position in a dispute. Consultants provide additional brainpower and communication tools with which to analyze a current problem, determine appropriate options and decide on a course of action. The process identifies trouble areas in the relationship and teaches communication and negotiation strategies for building a more harmonious and productive environment.

For Individuals & Groups: Whether you're in the midst of a conflict at the moment or you just need tools to shift a situation, it is very helpful to get clear on how to frame and present a position, evaluate possible outcome scenarios and select best options for action.

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Facilitation & Dialogue

A facilitation is an open, structured dialogue led by a neutral third party. The UTPCR offers a number of approaches to facilitation and dialogue in organizations and teams of all types. We can assist you to build collaboration across organizational boundaries, create a structure for deep conversation, get through a busy meeting agenda, or plan a project.

Facilitation for information gathering and topic discussion: Allow the UTPCR to organize your next discussion forum from beginning to end. You may need an invitation only exchange or a community-wide audience. No matter, we can perform the logistics, promote the event, facilitate the discussion and provide you with a complete results report.

Facilitation for positive outcomes: Organizations sometimes need help working through tensions, conflict or change. Our trained facilitators will build mutual understanding of the group's common objectives and cultivate shared responsibility with the goal of a harmonious resolution with everyone's buy-in.

Facilitation for action planning: The UTPCR facilitators can lead your next action planning meeting, whether you're determining the strategic path for the future of your organization, working as a team to complete a project, or organizing input from your board of directors or advisors. By providing a neutral leader in a safe, supportive process, you will be able to get the most honest and insightful input from your participants and you'll leave with a plan and the commitment to achieve it.

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If you believe training might benefit your team or organization, please read more about our training process and topics on our Business Services page.