UT Project on Conflict Resolution: Business Services

The UTPCR's Business Services goal is to help individuals, teams and organizations to understand and improve communication in order to be more productive, effective and minimize conflict. For over two decades the UTPCR has been changing the way people think about and manage conflict. Through our research we are constantly discovering new understandings of conflict in the workforce. From these findings we have been able to develop custom services to help workers and managers as they relate to each other and their customers.

Whether it's learning skills, having your meeting facilitated or participating in mediation, our expertise and resources can address existing conflict and create more effective avenues for future communication.

Rates for training, facilitation & dialogue, mediation and other special services will vary based on your needs. Please contact us to discuss: utpcr@austin.utexas.edu

Our service offerings include:


We train organizations to function more collaboratively and productively. Instructors train participants to identify problems and teach strategies for finding a successful resolution. We can train your employees or train your trainers.

The UTPCR offers relevant training modules on a variety of communication and conflict management approaches.

Our most requested trainings are:

  • Understanding and Applying Conflict Management Skills in the Workplace - how individuals deal with conflict and successful communication strategies in the workplace.
  • Making Cultural Difference in the Workplace Work for You - addressing inter-generational and other cultural differences for successful communication and improved productivity.
  • Productive Leadership and Communication Styles for Leads, Supervisors and Managers - how managers and supervisors can create a win-win environment through effective leadership models and negotiation.These are half-day (3.5 hours long) trainings that can be presented at your location or on the UT campus. Training costs start at $1,500 inclusive.

All trainings offer CEU's and certificates. View UTPCR Training Brochure 

Facilitation & Dialogue

A facilitation is an open, structured dialogue led by a neutral third party. The UTPCR offers a number of approaches to facilitation and dialogue in businesses, non-profits and teams of all types. We can assist you to build collaboration across organizational boundaries, create a structure for deep conversation, get through a busy meeting agenda, or develop an action plan.

Facilitation for positive outcomes: Organizations sometimes need help working through tensions, conflict or change. Our trained facilitators will build mutual understanding of the group's common objectives and cultivate shared responsibility with the goal of a harmonious resolution with everyone's buy-in.

Facilitation for planning: The UTPCR facilitators can lead your next action planning meeting, whether you're determining the strategic path for the future of your organization, working as a team to complete a project, or organizing input from your board of directors or advisors. By providing a neutral leader in a safe, supportive process, you will be able to get the most honest and insightful input from your participants and you'll leave with a plan and the commitment to achieve it.


Mediation is a confidential, structured process intended to promote reconciliation, settlement or understanding among individuals, teams or departments. Professional outside mediators will come to your business and act as a neutral third party to facilitate communication between disputants. With safe and open channels of communication the participants can use creative problem solving to reach an agreement. Mutual understanding resolves current issues and helps parties avoid future disputes.

For Individuals: Personal relationships, including disputes between roommates, co-workers, friends, family members, romantic partners, renter/landlord and others.

For Groups: Work or organization teams, academic teams, sorority or fraternity groups.

For Organizations & Businesses: Often called a dialogue, organizations sometimes need help working through tensions, conflict or change.

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