UT Project on Conflict Resolution: Academics & Research


Participants can earn various certificates for their work in conflict resolution programs offered through UT classes.

Degree Related Certificates: We participate in the following multiple discipline certification programs:

These options are available to enrolled undergraduate and graduate UT students. 

Non-Degree Related Certificates: Individuals can earn certificates through classes at UT. These classes are open to UT students and to the public with permission of the professor. Certificates include:

  • Basic 40-hour Mediation Certificate designated by Texas law
  • Advanced Mediation Certificate
  • Facilitation Certificate

Student Groups: Two student organizations are very busy in service and program development related to the UTPCR. The students include undergraduate and graduate students from across the campus.

The Society of Professional Mediators - Provides the opportunity for trained mediators and those in training to discuss professional issues, share experiences, and promote mediation as a resource for conflict resolution.

The Willie Nelson Center Students for Peace and Conflict Resolution - Supports the development of a Willie Nelson Conflict Resolution Center that educates students about conflict and fosters involvement in events and activities towards living more peaceful lives. Also hosts events on UT campus to educate students about the role the arts play in peace.

If you want to learn more or be involved in one of these organizations, please contact us at utpcr@austin.utexas.edu.


The UTPCR is nationally recognized for its efforts in the field of conflict resolution. The talented and forward-thinking faculty members associated with the UTPCR are consistently known for exploring new frontiers in the field to identify the conditions that affect conflict and cooperation, collaborative endeavors, community engagement, and peace with justice. Since the UTPCR is the only one of its kind at a major research university in the Southwest, its comprehensive research programs in conflict resolution have positioned UT as a major player in the area of critical thinking.

The UTPCR provides a unique opportunity for involvement in cutting-edge research on conflict resolution in contemporary culture through an acclaimed mentorship program and resources aimed at furthering the causes of global peace, interpersonal communication and future conflict intervention.

The following topics are areas of ongoing research:

  • Global Peace Initiatives
  • Management/Employee Relations
  • Cultural Differences in Contemporary Society
  • Impact of Religion on Public Discourse
  • Terrorism Cause and Effect
  • Generational Conflict in Family Settings
  • Educator/Student Conflict Resolution
  • Peer-to-Peer Discord and Communication Barriers
  • Campus Violence and Student Interaction
  • Case Studies of Violence Avoidance and Peaceful Response
  • The Effect of Charismatic Figures
  • Effects of Defining Communication Styles on Conflict
  • Role of Narratives in Conflict
  • The Mediation Process
  • Reconciliation Processes in War Environments

If you would like to learn more about research opportunities, contact us at utpcr@austin.utexas.edu.