UT Project on Conflict Resolution

The mission of the University of Texas Project on Conflict Resolution (UTPCR) is to change the way people think about and handle conflict in order to positively affect individuals, our communities, our nation and our world. Communication is fundamental to our approach. Communication can be the source of conflict or the path through conflict.


We provide conflict mediations on campus between students, professors, staff, or community members. We also provide consultations for individuals facing a conflict, facilitations for meetings and student groups (including class project groups),and trainings for conflict mediators. Additionally, we host an annual research conference and a summer camp for high school students, as well as administer a Graduate Portfolio Interdisciplinary Certificate in Dispute Resolution.

Our mediators are undergraduate students, graduate students, and staff who have taken 100 hours of training while enrolled in CMS 371K Practicum in Conflict Mediation. Participants join the Society of Professional Mediators and may continue to mediate upon completion of their training. 

The UTPCR programs place a special emphasis on contemporary culture and its many aspects of everyday living—the arts, business, race, healthcare, education, journalism, religion, sports, music, family and personal relationships. We invite you to be part of the conversation and help our community understand how to work through conflict by peaceful means.

Since its launch in 1998, the University of Texas Project on Conflict Resolution has been an innovator in addressing interpersonal, organizational, and societal conflict through communication that enhances collaboration and relationships. The UTPCR draws upon the expertise of the entire University of Texas system to provide services, events, academic and research opportunities, and public impact and participation programs.