Rhetoric and Philosophy

The areas of study known as rhetoric and philosophy have a contentious history stretching back thousands of years. Yet, many of the issues they engage are either complementary or identical. Those studying rhetoric and philosophy engage in a synthetic study of human knowledge, value, and action in a way different from those scholars working in the fields of rhetoric or philosophy proper. Methods, scholarly sources, and issues often reflect the hybrid and synthetic nature of those working in the nexus between philosophy and rhetoric.

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CMS 390P Contemporary Rhetorical Theory (Cherwitz)

CMS 390P Rhetoric and Philosophy (Cherwitz)

CMS 390R Rhetoric and the Public Sphere

CMS 390P Comparative Rhetoric (S. Stroud)

CMS 390P Pragmatism and Rhetoric (S. Stroud)

Publications by faculty members

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Ph.D. Dissertations and M.A. theses

David Gilbert, "Plato's Ideal Art of Rhetoric: An Interpretation of Phaedrus"

James Mackin, "Toward an Ethics of Rhetoric: An Ecological Model for Assessing Public Moral Argument"

James Hikins, "Explorations in the Relationship Between Communication and Knowledge"

William Keith, "Believing and Acting: Toward a Theory of Rational Persuasion"

Faculty and courses in other departments

E 387M Rhetorical Theory and Ethics (Davis)

E 387M Rhetoric and Hermeneutics (Davis)

E 387M Rhetoric and Agency (Davis)

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