Musicians Off the Record: Paul Minor

Paul Minor played his first gigs in Austin clubs in 1982 at the age of sixteen.  In his late teens and twenties he toured the country as a performer and road manager with several bands including The Urge, Roman Candles, The Neptunes, the Wagoneers, and Big Car.  His wide range of accomplishments in the music read like an industry encyclopedia: artist, club host, doorman, sound engineer, manager, booking agent, marketing director and bartender at several local clubs including Steamboat, Continental Club, Electric Lounge, and Hole in the Wall. 

Minor’s imprint on Austin music is unique with his years of experience in organizing, leading and motivating musicians and dealing with the special needs and sensitivities of artists.  This intuition is born from an understanding that “music is an esteemed and endangered form of culture.” A 2002 inductee into the Austin Music AwardsHall of Fame, Minor’s intimate familiarity with the challenging emotional complexity of pursuing a music career has led him to commitments with organizations such as the SIMS foundation, whose mission is to keep Austin music alive and well.

“It’s like being a show girl in Vegas,” Minor says of Austin’s investment in its artists. “There’s a priority to keep musicians off the street.” With a working background in such diverse areas as real estate, education and the Texas legislature, Minor also has an impressive academic past and earned a master’s degree in Human Services Administration from St. Edward’s University with a state certification in conflict resolution.  

One of Minor’s most notable contributions was his legendary production, “Rock and Roll Free For All at the Hole in the Wall,” a focal point of the local music community on every Sunday from 1994 to 2002.  Other endeavors have included stints at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Grill, the Texas Music Saloon and the Hard Rock Cafe.  In 1994, Minor co-wrote and recorded an album with Beaver Nelson at Ardent Studios in Memphis, and he has produced several independently released albums, including four by his band Superego, two “Rock and Roll Free For All” compilations and a live album by Fastball.  In addition to directing music videos for Spoon, Deep Sombreros, Fastball and others, Minor continues to stick to the grassroots quirkiness that gives Austin its unique vibe. A vibe which Minor hopes will continue to allow people to do “stuff for the sake of being creative.”