Musicians Off the Record: MOTR Credits


Every aspect of this research has involved UT students. The plan was made by UT Professor of Communication Studies Madeline Maxwell, and writer/director Gavin Garcia joined in to share his knowledge of the music business and to guide the students in their contacts with the musicians and industry figures who were so generous with their time. The project started with a class, The Ethnography of the Austin Music Scene, in the spring of 2004. Students in the class learned some basics of ethnographic research—fieldwork, interviewing, observation, note-taking, using archival materials and photographs, and analysis. We invited someone from the live music scene to campus every week for a group interview, and the students got involved in fieldwork in the Austin scene. Since then, many other great UT students have lent their skills and time to the project.

Production Associates

Cammeo Messana – Graduated from the University of Texas in 2004 as a College of Communication Scholar. She is currently a successful Houston businesswoman.

Jake Morse – Owner of Jake Morse Productions. He is also president of the Coalition for Peaceful Cultures at the University of Texas, where as a student-athlete he competes for the Longhorn track squad in cross-country and steeplechase.

Felice Schimmel – A public relations major and president of the Global Leadership Organization at the University of Texas. She also heads the Chabad Jewish Student Organization and Chabad 1000, and is social director for Phi Beta Chi. In the summer of 2005, she worked for the Rogers and Cowen Entertainment P.R. firm in Hollywood.

Madelyn Cascio
Marianna Davison
Jamie Freedman
Kendyl Hardin
Robert Muehlberger
Eddie Park
Justin Patch
Eric Stanley

Head Writers

Annalies Husmann
Ashley Huse
Alexandra Llamas
Ashley Nichols
Lauren Ackermann
Emily Van Eck


Felicia Graham
Mike Mann
James Boisvenue III

Ethnography of Austin Live Music Class Researchers

Lauren Ackermann
Lindsay Dossett
Anastasia Gajkowski
Jennifer Ann Gillespie
Kristi Glomb
Theresa Hopper
Amanda Jeffers
Brittney Johnson
Amber Maslar
Colleen McClelland
Stacy McClimans
Wendy McElfresh
Cammeo Messana
Andre Montgomery
Ryan Mueller
Ashley Nichols
Lindsay Nichols
Jennifer Parker
Deyvis Rodriguez
Sarah Salminen
Felice Schimmel
Mark Schoenfeld
Timothy Shaw
Riley Stinnett
Simon Telfer
Sloan Thomas
Lauren Travis
Emily Van Eck
Erin Vasseur
Robert Whitaker
Thanks to Della Sisto

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