Welsh, Tyler

Seeking Ph.D., Rhetoric and Language Studies

Email: mtylerwelsh@gmail.com

BA Degree:
St. Edward's University

MA Degree:
University of Texas at Austin

Current research interests:

I am interested in how texts within popular culture contain or produce rhetorical symbols and in turn, influence or interpret daily life. Recently, I have explored the work of Kenneth Burke and how it is applicable to the realm of superheroes and the films they are featured in. Burke and Batman - a wonderful combination.

Projected graduation date: Spring 2016
Advisor: Dr. Barry Brummett

Outside hobbies & interests:
Television, Movies, Video games, Soccer, Dogs, Music, Comic Books, and Food (in no particular order)

What you think makes UT or Austin unique, cool, or "weird":
Eating a meal from a trailer is often your best bet in Austin.