Van Duyn, Emily

Seeking Ph.D., Rhetoric and Language Studies

Current research interests:
Emily is a doctoral student focusing on political communication and exploring news strategies to engage and inform diverse audiences. Some of her specific interests include the relationship between spiral of silence and online deliberative environments, and the interaction between framing, sources, and media as a representative structure. In addition to her doctoral research, Emily is a Graduate Research Assistant with The Engaging News Project housed at The Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life.  
Projected graduation: Spring 2019
First Semester Mentor: Dr. Talia Stroud
Outside hobbies & interests:
Running, hiking, biking, kickboxing, and viewing/experiencing all types of art
What you think makes UT or Austin unique, cool, or "weird”:
Possibly the only place I know where people are equally likely to run long distances as they are to consume massive amounts of BBQ, often in the same day.