Tich, Kendall

Seeking Ph.D. in Organizational Communication and Technology
Email address: ktich@utexas.edu
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
B.A. Degree: Communication Studies and Sociology, University of San Diego (2015)
M.A. Degree: Mass Communication, University of Minnesota (2017)
Current research interests:
My current research interests lie at the intersection of crisis communication and public relations, specifically regarding the pharmaceutical industry. I am interested in understanding how corporations respond to crises, and how they communicate with the public following a crisis that affects their reputations, or has an effect on the public. Having previously worked in PR with pharmaceutical and healthcare clients, and handling crises from an industry perspective, it is very interesting to understand practice through the lens of theory and research. This is particularly relevant and timely for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, as a number of PR crises have occurred that have put these industries under a microscope in terms of patient care and proper practices to assure public safety.
First Semester Mentor: 
Within Organizational Communication and Technology, a subgroup of the larger Communication Studies graduate program, we have group advising. This gives us an opportunity to work and interact with all faculty members, which makes for a group mentorship for our first semester in the PhD program.
Projected graduation:
Spring 2022