Harrison, Millie

Seeking Ph.D., Organizational Comm & Technology

Current research interests:
My primary research intent focuses on how our identities—whether organizational, gendered, cultural, or the like—are reified, reinforced, and negotiated via mass-media messages. I am curious to discover the relationships that exist between media representations and our socialization into expected roles.

Projected graduation: May 2018
First Semester Mentor: Dr. Brenda Berkelaar

Outside hobbies & interests:
Baking, live music, and searching for the perfect chai latte in Austin.

What you think makes UT or Austin unique, cool, or "weird":
Ah, too many! I'm a huge fan of the city-wide breakfast taco obsession, Master Pancake Theater, and Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon on Sunday afternoons (it would be faux pas to call the event by its actual name, but look it up!).

View Millie Harrison's curriculum vita in PDF format here.