Haggadone, Brad

Seeking Ph.D., Org Comm & Technology

Email: Haggadone@utexas.edu

Hometown: Columbiaville, MI

BA Degree: Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media with a specialization in Digital Media, Arts, and Technology from Michigan State University

MA Degree: Communication from University of Illinois at Chicago

Current research interests:
His research explores  anonymity, digital communities, and how people adapt and react to technological change. He has served as a student editor for investiGaming.com an online gateway concentrating on gender and video games. He received the 2015 Top Student Paper in  the Future Division at the National Communication Association Conference. His work has been featured online in Slate, Forbes,  and Cnet.

Projected graduation: 2017
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dawna Ballard

Outside hobbies & interests:
Overanalyzing movies, discovering new music, searching for the perfect coffee shop, and kickball
What you think makes UT or Austin unique, cool, or "weird":

I don’t think there is anything I could wear that would seem out of place.