Sky, Oshyn Hinton

Seeking Ph.D. in Interpersonal Communication

Hometown: Dallas, TX
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Communication Studies, Business minor UT Austin
Master's Degree: M.Ed. Southern Methodist University
Current research interests: Sex Education curriculum, public health, education, relationship communication, disclosure in sexual relationships
Faculty Advisor:  Rene Dailey
Projected Graduation: Spring 2022
UT/AISD Collaborative Research Forum (2020)
Austin Independent School District
Student Agency in the Push for Comprehensive Sex Education
Communication for Survival (2019)
National Communication Association
A Prototype Analysis of Relationship Stability and its Associations with Relational Quality and Communication
19th Annual National Africa Conference (2019)
The University of Texas at Austin
Representation in the K12 Classroom: A Look at the Impact of Gay Student Alliances on LGBTQ+ Students
Language, Rhetoric, and Digital Publics: Making Space for All (2019)
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor  
LGBTQIA+ Identity Representation in the K12 Classroom: An Analysis of the Importance of Representation in Sexual Education, Course Curriculum, and Teacher Training Programs”

2020-2021      LBJ Connect Research Fellow

2018-2020      Moody College of Communications Health Scholar Grant Recipient                              

2018-2022      Graduate School Fellowship                                                                              

2018-2022      Provost Fellowship                                                                                                 

2016-2018      AmeriCorps National Service Grant                                                   

2013-2016      Presidential Achievement Scholar