Pett, Rudy

Seeking Ph.D. in Interpersonal Communication

E-mail Address:
Hometown: Saginaw, MI
B.A. Degree: Rhetoric & Communication Studies; Latin American & Iberian Studies (University of Richmond)
M.A. Degree: Communication Studies (University of Texas at Austin)
Current Research Interests: Relational communication, disclosure, persuasion within the context of romantic relationships
First-Semester Mentor: Dr. Anita Vangelisti
Projected Graduation: May 2021

Pett, R.C. (April 2017).  Secrets and attachment: A basic exploration of attachment differences in the practice and experience of disclosing secrets to a romantic partner.  Paper presented at the 2017 Eastern Communication Association Convention, Boston, MA.
Pett, R.C. & Feaster, J.C. (April 2016).  A longitudinal analysis of the basic public speaking course: Examining associations among public speaking apprehension, self-disclosure, and relational satisfaction.  Paper presented at the 2016 Southern States Communication Association Convention, Austin, TX.
Pett, R.C. & Dailey, R.M. (April 2014).  Individual characteristics and fundamental experiences in romantic relationships: An examination of associations among attachment, disclosure, and uncertainty.  Paper presented at the 2014 Eastern Communication Association Convention, Providence, RI.

Graduate Recruitment Fellowship
Provost Supplement Fellowship
Moody College of Communication Fellowship