Gao, Qinyan

Seeking Ph.D. in Interpersonal Communication
Hometown: Nanjing, China
B.A. Degree: Communication-Mass Media, University of Missouri
M.A. Degree: Advertising, University of Texas at Austin
Current research interests: Interpersonal Communication, Relational Communication, Disclosure, Health Communication, Consumer Psychology, Motivation, Framing

Projected Graduation: May 2022

First Semester Mentor: Dr. René Dailey

Gao, Q., Pounders, K. (2018). The Interplay Between Goal Framing and Message Framing in Advocating Sunscreen Use. Presented at Society of Marketing Advances, West Palm Beach, FL.    

Gao, Q., Pounders, K. (2018). The Interplay between goal framing and message framing in advocating sunscreen use.