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Dina Inman Ramgolam

Assistant Professor of Instruction
Department of Communication Studies



CMA 7.122D

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Dr. Dina Inman Ramgolam is a lecturer at the Moody College of Communication. Dina earned her PhD and MA degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Texas at Austin, and her BA degree in Speech Communication from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Dina’s research focuses on understanding the experience of time in organizational settings. This includes studies on virtual teams, distributed and remote work arrangements, cross-divisional communication, multicommunicating, organizational identification, communication overload, and impression management. These subject areas have been studied using both quantitative and qualitative research methods (e.g., interviews, content analysis, focus groups and surveys). Dina’s published research appears in the Journal of Applied Communication Research and Work Pressures: New Agendas in Communication.

Dina’s personal time is spent with her husband and three daughters. She’s also an avid sports fan and enjoys keeping up with trends in interior design.