Undergraduate Program

Communication Studies (CMS) is the study of communication in relationships. These relationships can range anywhere from interpersonal to organizational. CMS majors are given the skills and knowledge they need to apply to a great variety of career paths.


Minor in Communication Studies for Non-Communication Majors

The minor in Communication Studies will afford undergraduate students across the University the opportunity to increase their skills in communication, particularly in the areas of organizational, interpersonal, and rhetorical communication. In addition, students will study the foundations of public speaking, verbal and non-verbal communication, and intercultural communication as well as learn techniques to approach ethical dilemmas within the field of communication.
In order to pursue a minor in Communication Studies, a student must:
  • be under the 2016-2018 catalog;
  • apply for the minor;
  • meet any requirements for minor that the student’s major college might impose.
The course requirements for the minor are as follows:
both CMS 306M and CMS 315M are required.
Nine additional hours from the following list:
CMS 320, CMS 322E, CMS 323R, CMS 330, CMS 332, CMS 332K, CMS 333, CMS 334K, CMS 335, CMS 336D, CMS 337, CMS 340K, CMS 341, CMS 342K, CMS 344K, CMS 345P, CMS 347K, CMS 348K, CMS 349M, CMS 353S, CMS 354, CMS 355K, CMS 357, CMS 358, CMS 359, CMS 164M, CMS 264M, CMS 364M, CMS 366, CMS 366C, CMS 366F, CMS 366M, CMS 366R, CMS 367, CMS 371K, CMS 372T, CMS 373D, CMS 374D
Additional criteria for a minor in Communication Studies:
  • Nine hours of coursework must be taken in residence. Coursework completed through UT Extension will not count toward the minor.
  • All CMS minor coursework must be completed on a letter graded basis (not pass/fail)
  • A grade of C or higher must be earned in order to count toward the minor requirements.  
The Department of Communication Studies reserves the right to limit the number of students accepted as Communication Studies Minors.  
Students with a major in the Moody College are not eligible to minor in Communication Studies.