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Conflict Resolution Center

Conflict is a daily part of courtrooms and boardrooms, workplaces and dorm-spaces, relationships and friendships. Through conflict comes debate and the exploration of new avenues for success. When those avenues lead to roadblocks, travelers need a new direction. We can help.

We can help. We're the Conflict Resolution Center, your roadmap to resolution. A not-for-profit organization, CRC provides free mediation services to companies, clubs, families and individuals. Our mediators use interpersonal techniques and communication strategies to guide participants around the impasse. We got beyond dispute resolution, giving people the tools they need to form more harmonious, more productive relationships.

Techniques and Strategies

Creative Problem Solving

Through mediation, we can help people find common ground and focus on mutually beneficial goals. Facilitators do not determine the course of action, but provide a framework for reaching agreement.

Effective Group Communication

Strong people have strong opinions. In a group setting, too many voices can create an environment where none are heard. The Conflict Resolution Center works with business groups, clubs and student organizations to channel communication more effectively creating more productive meetings, more efficient projects and a better group dynamic.


CRC Mediators work not as judges, but as specialists who help define the issues and guide people in conflict toward a mutually acceptable resolution.


Through our Team Action Plan (TAP) program, CRC mediators serve as neutral co-facilitators in group environments to establish a framework for more effective, less disruptive group discussion and public policy conversations.


CRC mediators help individuals find their own answers by providing a structure to analyze a current conflict, determine appropriate options and decide on a course of action.

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To arrange a consultation or learn more about how the Conflict Resolution Center can serve you at no charge:

Call : 471-1950 email: mediate@uts.cc.utexas.edu

Personal Relationships

Disputes between family members, friends and romantic partners are common. Our mediators provide an unbiased listening framework and open channels of communication between parties.


We help facilitate better working relationships and offer mediation between co-workers, supervisors and employees, and integrated departments. Depending on your needs we can prodivde individual dispute resolution, group facilitation and educational services.


Our mediators are trained to handle the unique conflicts that occur in collegiate life. We provide a caring framework to resolve disputes between students, roommates, teammates, and others involved in the educational system.

And More

Whatever your need, we have the training and resources to help you achieve understanding and work toward resolution.